About Us

When you purchase a puppy from Puppies Unlimited you are getting more than just a new member of the family. We specialize in providing our customers the best and healthiest puppies, at outstanding prices. Below is just a small sample of what we do for our customers, and how we stand apart from our competitors.


  1. Our in store veterinarian Ark Veterinary Hospital , who is located convienently close to our store, gives a thorough examination of all of our puppies on a weekly basis . Most private breeders do not take their litter to a vet, and rarely are they seen more than once.  
  2. Our Vet keeps them current on their vaccinations and wormings . So unlike most private breeders, we continue their vaccinations past the first set. Saving you a lot of money!
  3. They also vaccinates against kennel cough, a common illness among puppies. That shot is required at most boarding and grooming facilities, and is valid in most instances for one year.
  4. You receive a PRE-PAID vet exam at Ark Veterinary Hospital when you purchase a puppy from us!!! So your first office call is waived. This assures us that the puppy will be seen by a licensed vet after going home. 
  5. Upon arrival we use a Capstar pill on every puppy, which instantly eliminates any fleas the puppy could have came in with, which means that  our kennel is 100% flea free.


  1. We provide a Ten-day Health Guarantee covering any kind of infections the puppy could go home with, as well as a Two year Health Guarantee that covers any hereditary problems that could occur!!! These guarantees are the number one reason why people buy from us.   
  2. To provide the best referral service for our customers we are currently in talks with several local groomer/boarders. We hope to have a program up and running in the next few months!


  1. Our owners and managers have over 25 years of sales experience between them, many in the pet industry.
  2. Our years in the retail pet industry have allowed our owners to become familiar with many area breeders, giving us the opportunity of knowing which are suitable for our stores. All of our puppies are personally picked up and examined to insure only the best make it into our kennel. All of our puppies come directly from breeders! Absolutely no brokers are used, and we have never purchased a puppy from outside the state.
  3. When you purchase a puppy from us, you are automatically enrolled in our Buyer's Program . That means that on all future visits, you will save 10-20% off of everything in the store. After you purchase your puppy from us, we will continue to clip your their toe nails free of charge!!!
  4. We have full time and part time employees in our kennel whose sole responsibility is the health and well being of our puppies.
  5. With the construction of our two new play rooms, customers have the ability to socialize with different puppies to ensure they are making a wise decision on puppy selection.