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Puppies Unlimited

Have you already purchased a puppy from Puppies Unlimited?

You can receive
10% off supplies!

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Have You Already Purchased A Puppy From Puppies Unlimited?

If so, then be sure to thoroughly explore this page to discover all the programs that you now qualify for!!! Thanks for your business, and we look forward to seeing you again!

• 10-20% off all supplies at Puppies Unlimited Wooster!
• Free lifetime toe nail trimmings for your new puppy!
• Customer Referral Program
- Previous customers receive a $25 gift card when you send someone to us that purchases a puppy!

• Previous Customer Pricing
- Previous customers and their immediate family (parents, children, siblings) qualify for "best deal pricing" on all future puppy purchases regardless of breed!!!
Must live at same residence otherwise original purchaser must complete second sale.
• New Puppy Visitation
- Puppies that we pick up throughout the week cannot be seen until our vet clears them.. However, previous customers can now look at puppies prior to this vet check. Insuring that your puppy will be waiting for you when cleared by Dr. Pelini at Advanced Animal Care.
• Flexible In-House Financing Plans
- Previous customers qualify for a more flexible version of our in-house financing plan. Which means that you can qualify with less initial money down, for a longer term, and on any puppy regardless of breed!


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